Tail Wagon prep

I picked up the Tail Wagon this weekend while visiting my brother and sister in-law in Manchester and I’m chuffed to bits to finally have my hands on it! 

My sister-in-law decided to check out the comfort rating and was pleasantly surprised. 

Since getting him home I’ve sprayed him with some NikWax waterproofing potion and sewn him a fetching green coat so that overnight showers and rainy days won’t bother us. (Wet dog in a tent anyone? No thanks.)

I used bright green Nylon Ripstop from my local material place, did sort of foldy over waterproof seams (which I will seal with heat sealing tape when I have some) and used shock cord and webbing to make fastening loops. I also put a window in so Scout can look at me from her snug, waterproof throne as I pedal through the driving rain. Hmmmm. 

I still need to explore some sun-proofing options. Something temporary (thinking magnets or Velcro) that can move around from the top to the sides depending on the time of day and direction of travel. Watch this space….

10 thoughts on “Tail Wagon prep”

  1. Darn cool looking! Good job on the seeing & fitting, quite the talented lady you are 💚Amazing space inside based on the pic of s-i-l. Besides Scout and some type of blanket, what else will be in the trailer? Where is the rest of your kit going?

  2. That looks great. Scout is a very lucky girl. I’m impressed with your diy skills. No end to your talent x

  3. There really is no end to your talent! That is fantastic.Scout is one lucky pupper! 🐶🐾

  4. k8 you can call Bill in this fantastic green outfit Granny Smith. Good safety colour on the busy roads!! Stay safe the both🚴 of you🐾🐾

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