Bike tings

The Parkour community throws up gems of people and Richard Thompson is one of them. He’s been my bike guru since I picked Jeeves up and brought him home. Richard tuned him up for me and has been an endless source of advice and help when it’s come to collecting all the bits and bobs I’m going to need. 

Today he gave me a lesson in bike maintenance. I cycle a fair amount and have done a small tour in Italy but I have never, actually, had a puncture. (Desperately hitting anything wooden as I write this). It seems mad, but there it is. I have a feeling my luck isn’t going to extend to 5 weeks in Europe so Richard taught me to ​​


We also ran through puncture repair, gear adjustment, chain breaking (and fixing). 

Next lesson will include brake cable and pad replacement 😬 and gear cable replacement. Basically I need to know how to get us safely to the nearest bike shop if something catastrophic goes down. Ideally, simple problems can be fixed by the roadside without me calling Richard and blubbing to him because I can’t remember how to get my tyre back on. Ideally. Based on today, I feel like my hands will be permanently greasy. 

Rich is a private mechanic in London. He can come to you, or you can go to him. He knows stuff.  Email him!

4 thoughts on “Bike tings”

  1. This might sound odd….BUT….what I actually do for a living is disaster recovery planning for a major telecom. In my years of experience, I’ve worked with many other agencies to plan for the worst. It’s not fun to conger up scenarios to plan for…but in the end you are prepared for the worst and you get thru’ it.

    Wishing you the best and no pictures!!! Looking forward to living vicariously thru’ you and reading of your adventures!


  2. I agree. Planning and preparation is the key, but hopefully there won’t be any need to put any disaster plans into action.

  3. Ahhh! The smell of bike grease. Waiting for those little bubbles of air rising to the surface on a wet inner tube, the sticky patch. I remember it well. Just don’t forget to pump up the tube before putting it back in and check the sticky patch has held. (Memories of my childhood with dad)

  4. A fun and nice guy who loves bikes and definetely knows stuff 👍 I had a chat with him about bikes at the WIPW, especially the one he took with him that day. He had build it on his own. He has send me some pictures of it for a friend of mine.
    It is good to learn new things, being able to manage yourself. And a good teacher makes it a lot easier. Good luck preparing for your K8&K9 European Tour 😀🍀

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