What a croc…

So I’ve gone and done the unthinkable….I bought some Crocs. 

They were £7 in the men’s section of TK Maxx which is lucky because I’d struggle to part with more for them. It’s not the first Fashion cardinal sin I’ve ever committed for comfort’s sake but I blurted all sorts of excuses to the cashier as I paid for them. 

Look, I’ve heard they are perfect for many aspects of cycle touring. And they’re light as a bloody feather which I have a feeling is reason alone to have them along for the ride. I’ll just refrain from looking down. Hey, at least I didn’t have to get the hot pink ones from the women’s section. Points for black right? Fashionistas? Right?! 

9 thoughts on “What a croc…”

  1. Yep. You definitely get points for getting the black ones. But they seriously look really uncomfortable, I get the feeling the slightest bit of persperation and they’d be hell. I’m not brave enough to face the fashion police to put this to test myself haha.

  2. This made me laugh Miss Lamb! To buy or not to buy…I like to think – as they were designed for sailing- that Ben Ainslie is loving his pair as he took on the America’s Cup challenge!! This thought alone allows me to feel (marginally) less shame with my (comfortable and extremely light weight) pair!

  3. Crocs are actually comfortable i think, even if they look awful dorky. I personally would have bought the hot pink ones though, but thats just me. I like the obnoxious bright colors 😉

  4. Sorry, the only positive I can say about your crocs are that they’re black and not hot pink! But hey if they do the job!!

  5. Anything to make the long journey more comfortable, you are forgiven.
    Somebody once said that you can never tell if someone is an idiot by just looking at them, but if they are wearing crocs……..😉

  6. Top points for leaving the hot pink ones for someone else, and for choosing something lightweight. I also have concerns for ‘wet feet syndrome’ like mentioned above, but hopefully those fears are unfounded. 🐊

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