This is actually happening.

So, I’m beginning to realise that this is actually going to happen now and I might not have the experience, equipment, stamina, ability, resources, or knowledge to achieve it.

I have the gumption though. I believe that. Whatever that is…. You know, moxy, brillo, oomph, pluck, mettle, grit…all those old timey words for spirit and determination?

I’ve always had oodles of that bit. Like when I moved to a seaside town in Wales aged six and discovered that everyone already knew how to swim and so our weekly school lessons consisted of me splashing around in the baby pool while everyone else swam widths and lengths with small fishing town inhabitant expertise. But soon enough I figured out how to float on my back, and then how to move forward and before I knew it I was staring at the leisure centre ceiling, swimming backstroke in the annual school gala. My mother watched proudly from the balcony as I swam one full length faster than anyone else. Ann, my friend’s mum sat next to her and remarked of the splashing young Lamb ‘She doesn’t have any technique but her determination serves her well.’

That’s probably held true in most of my endeavours.

I’m not the best cyclist, but I can definitely move forward, I guess I just have to keep doing that…I think I’ve got an awful lot of preparation to do…but, it’s just like riding a bike, right? Really, really far, right? With a tent and all your stuff…and a dog. Yeah. I’ll take to it like a Lamb to water.

5 thoughts on “This is actually happening.”

  1. This is such a wonderfully lovely thing to do – and an amazing way to bond with Scout – exciting times!
    Seriously, write a book about it when you get back – this would make a great opening paragraph!

    Wishing you and Scout all the luck on your travels ❤

  2. “K8 & K9”! I can’t handle how adorable this is! I’m excited to follow your progress, I might even consider getting Twitter 😱… maybe.

    All the best to you and Scout on your journey!

  3. Oh, and one more thing – a word of warning. My sister took off on her bicycle in her mid twenties to ride from Sydney up the east coast of NSW and after about 800kms met someone, fell in love and ended up raising three kids on a bush property and is still there 35 years later. Take heed!

  4. I personally think it is a good idea to keep moving forward … 😉

    Walking like John Wayne might be a bit of a side effect of all those hours in the saddle.

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