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IMG_8854I’m an actress, adventurist and dog whisperer. I’ve lived and worked in London for six years with my wonder dog Willow and my beast cat, Bob, and I’ve been, as far as employment goes, pretty lucky so far.


But, 2017 hasn’t been all that great. Willow was one of the final victims of the curse of 2016; she developed rapid health issues and I had to take the very difficult decision to let her go, just before Christmas. She was 13 and my oldest friend and adventure buddy and with Bob being my only constant I’m basically at risk of becoming a crazy cat lady….


So I’m on a mission to get a street dog from Bulgaria to a girl and a cat in London who have a dog-shaped hole in their hearts.


My next dog has some pretty big paws to fill so without further ado, let me introduce you to Scout.






Version 3Scout is a dog. She mostly likes sleeping and eating and playing with other dogs. I’m not sure what make of dog she is, but I’m guessing there’s some German Shepherd, Collie or Husky involved…we’re planning on doing a DNA test at some point. What I do know is that she is affectionate, gentle, playful, attentive and willing to learn. Willow took a good few years of serious training to turn her into the wonder dawg she was but I think Scout has the potential to be a very good sidekick.


Willow – a very good dog



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A girl and a street dog cycling 2500 km home

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